General Terms

Any legal documents of online payments, online legal services, privacy policies, term of use, contract policy and etc., only provide / write as English , at,

Terms of Use

Review the terms for using the Pacific Law Center website, including what Pacific Law Center provides, the privacy policy, links to third-party sites, use of Pacific Law Center legal forms, dispute resolution, reviews, comments, communication and other content, and more.

Terms of Service

Review what Pacific Law Center services provide, limits of liability, terms of use, abandoned orders, exchanges, dispute resolution, installment plan, filing fees, trademark search and more.

Privacy Policy

Review the Pacific Law Center privacy policy, including what it covers, the treatment of your personally identifiable information, traffic data and information, what personal information includes, use of personal information, opting out, data security and more.

Legal Plan Contract

For customers signing up for a legal plan service, this contract defines the business and personal legal plan, plan membership, benefits, what’s not covered, payment, billing, cancellation and more.

Supplemental Terms of Service for Corporate Center

For customers using the Corporate Center, this agreement describes the Center’s payment of fees, registered agent services, cancellation information and more.

Supplemental Terms of Service for Advantage Subscriptions and Third Party Services

For customers using subscription-based services, this agreement describes the subscription’s license grants, limitation of availability, payment of fees, cancellation information and more.

Contract TERMS

By proceeding with your purchase, you opt to sign this form and authorize Pacific Law Center to contact you by telephone and..

Press Center Terms of Use

The Press Center Terms of Use govern the use of Pacific Law Center press materials by accredited media, including license information, general responsibilities, specific limitations and more.