his type of litigation refers to any litigation that results from a Breach of Contract.

A Limited Case is one in which the litigation value is less than $25,000.
An Unlimited Case is one in which the litigation value is more than $25,000.
A case in which the litigation value is less than $10,000 is treated as a separate case, called Small Claim.

Court Filing Fee


Small Claim Less than $1,500: $30
More than $1,500: $50
More than $5,000 but less than $10,000: $75

Limited Case $370

Unlawful Detainer $385

Unlimited Case $455

Civil Litigation Proceedings

The submission of a Summons by the Plaintiff – The delivery of the summons to the other party – The submission of Proof of Service – An Answer within 30 days

If there is an Answer within 30 days, the proceedings of the trial start.

  1. Status Conference begins

  2. Evidence gathered on both sides

    • Interrogation
    • Deposition
    • Hearing
  3. Trial: Court Trial or Jury Trial

    The time it takes to process a civil litigation depends on the area. It is generally 1 to 2 years

Litigations to Proceed With

Family Law

  1. Divorce, request for Child Custody, request for Child Support, Restraining Order
  1. If the divorce is already in effect: Alimony, Child Support, a Readjustment or request for a Restraining Order

Civil Litigation

Small Claim

Unlawful Detainer

Business, Civil

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